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         Revenue sharing is a great way to get your foot in the door or to enhance your existing gameroom. We provide an accounting system for the backend so tracking ins and outs on each machine is just a few clicks away. We have a variety of game types in stock including Sweepstakes Games, Nudge/Skill Games, Fish Games, Vertical Subsino Games, and much much more! If our games don’t make you profit, we don’t make profit. For this reason, we strive to make it a “win win” for everyone.


Requirements Before Delivery

  • An active internet service provider with at least one static IP address.  (We recommend getting a block of 5 in case you may need a static ip for cameras, atm, etc)

  • Adequate power AND cat5 networking drops ran from the Point of Sale/Server area to the game floor. (We CAN run network drops but do charge a per drop fee)

  • Adequate floor space

  • All contracts must be signed before or upon delivery



We are looking for owners and operators of internet cafes, business centers, prepaid phone card retailers, and shipping stores that want to INCREASE your daily PROFITS!!
On top of our 30 years of experience in the business, we offer:

  • We provide the sweepstakes promotional software at no cost to the operator which is distributed exclusively by Reel Amusements® and we guarantee we will not distribute to another business within your area. (Mileage based on the size of the city or town.)

  • We offer a competitive profit sharing split on all sales resulting in sweepstakes entries being used.

  • We supply the equipment needed to deliver sweepstakes results to the customer.

  • We have a certification letter and the signage for the inside of your location that we will provide to you once the equipment is installed so that you can display to keep in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

  • Every location will be provided a coordinator that they can call or email during the paperwork process until our installation team shows up!

  • Every location is sent an installation team that will come on-site to hook up our equipment and provide all of the training for you and your employees.

  • Every location is assigned a service rep who will stop by on a routine basis to service the machines, order replacement or malfunctioning parts, provide reports to show revenue earned, and also collect our share. It's JUST THAT EASY!!

  • We have a 5 personal service department and full bricks and mortar headquarters so that you can also reach someone if you have a question in between your service rep visits.

  • We have a dedicated hotline used for after-hours and weekend support on these machines so that you are never down in your location.

  • We have a knowledgeable staff that can help with ideas on promotions and also allows for a promotion allowance.



  Are you interested in jump-starting your business center? Just getting started? Give us a call! 


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